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Elephant Bliss celebrates Thai culture through a family of Asian elephants. This colorful painting is set in Southern Thailand where the artist lives. The puzzle includes a bonus picture inside and information on the importance of elephants in Thai culture. The Culzzles Cultural Corner. includes many fun facts about Thailand and elephants.

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Inclusive, Educational and Fun!

Culzzles is a family-owned business with the mission of bringing racially and culturally inclusive puzzles, games, educational material and more to families. Our name combines two words cultural and puzzles — our first products are puzzles. However, as our mission states, we will be adding different products over time. We have two lines - our Culzles for Kids line for kids 3 and up and our Culzzles line for teens and adults. We look forward to you enjoying our products.


"I Can Be" ABC
Memory Game

Culzzles wants to help kids from various cultural backgrounds dream about what they can be when they get older, while learning their ABCs.  The “I Can Be” ABC Memory Game is the perfect game to do just that.  There are several ways the cards can be used.  Try one or try all of the games. For younger kids, try to play with fewer cards and progress into a full set, as they grow familiar with the, letters and sounds


“Pretend to Be”
ABC Floor Puzzle

Culzzles has created the Pretend to Be ABC floor puzzle to help kids from various racial and cultural backgrounds learn their ABCs by pretending to move like their favorite animals. Many children are kinesthetic learners, which means moving their bodies helps them absorb information. The Pretend to Be ABC Jigsaw Puzzle has 48 extra large and sturdy puzzle pieces with fun and engaging pictures. Each picture includes uppercase and lowercase letters with animals and action words that correspond with each letter of the alphabet. Try one or all of the ways the puzzle can be used to learn those ABCs and move those bodies.


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